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By gumstrip-kid 

Looking back over the past year it seems like only yesterday that I was walking down towards a circle in candle light. My friend sat in the car waiting for me to return with the news that we had found the ritual site, so we all got out and had fun with sorting out the parking and walking up and down in the dark. But it was all worth while when we met Raven! Instantly we knew she was in charge and instantly we knew we liked her! We were welcomed with a huge smile and everyone was very relaxed and chatty and we soon became part of the group, as if we had always been there. I couldn't believe that we were allowed to dive straight in and have major roles in the ritual; me being giddy wanted to do everything i could do, but I decide to call west to try and calm myself down. Looking in my magickal diary for that date I wrote "Ritual was Beautiful, Can't wait for Ostara!!! =)"

We had become regular attendees of the rituals and when we found out about the Ravens Rest moots we couldn't wait to join in on those too! It began a whirlwind and we join in on everything we could; other moots, meet the pagan events, becoming a part of the community! As I like to think of it we had become part of the Leeds Pagan Family! There have been ups and downs, tears and a lot of laughter and it has been an amazing journey that I'm sad to see coming to a close for me!

I have just celebrated mylLast ritual with my new friends for Mabon! and by far it was the most amazing and beautiful of all the rituals! The Rituals are now based at a modern Stone Spiral; so modern we've just had the delight to find a community group has built a stunning BBQ right in the middle! but we've taken this in out stride and turned an eye sore into a beautiful altar table with a few blankets and some magick!

Everyone, new comers and regulars, work together in the ritual activity becoming part of the group and sharing in the experiences and joys of celebrating! It is liberating working in such an open environment both magickly and with the back drop of the city! We are truly taking our beliefs and ideals into the modern era and keeping our strong wiccan heart at the center of the rituals!

The Ravens Rest is an independent group and moot working for the local Leeds pagan community! The open rituals are a wonderful place to celebrate as part of the community and you never know you could even become part of the family!